The day we Met again

In one of the liveliest corners of Thessaloniki, close to the port and a short distance from the historic center, the unique aesthetic contemporary design hotel of the city reopens its doors on 03.07.2020 to welcome its guests for a unique hospitality experience putting health and safety at the core of our hospitality services.

At THE MET Hotel, a member of Chandris Hotels Group and Design Hotels worldwide, we have redefined our cleaning and health protocols to provide the safest environment without compromising quality; aiming to offer unique hospitality experiences to our guests, that focus on safety without any compromise on quality, always guided by the unparalleled style and hospitality experience that only the The MET Hotel can offer.

Modern luxury, contemporary design, exquisite style, artistic mood, excellent service, are the non-negotiable values ​​that characterize the MET Hotel, whilst the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners remain our top priority.

We have proven over the years that we care deeply about our employees, their families and our guests. Since the early stages of the pandemic and well before authorities announce any obligatory measures, we took the necessary precautions in order to safeguard the health of guests and employees.

We continue today closely monitoring the announcement of government policies on the pandemic as they continue to develop, as well as instructions, practices and guidelines of the public health services, the World Health Organization, and internationally acknowledged leaders of Tourism and Leisure industry.

We drafted our crisis-handling plan complete with operational procedures, company policies and every day good practices. The program that we developed encompasses all the experience gained so far in fighting COVID-19 virus including the suggestions, instructions and guidelines as announced and implemented so far by the Greek Government, the National Public Health Organization and World Health Organization, whilst all employees have undergone a molecular test that will be repeated at regular intervals.

It is clear that as time passes we will amend the document regularly to include all latest state instructions and scientific developments outcomes. In addition, we will develop more Standard Operating Procedures as needed, to address all operational issues arising and detail explanatory notes as well, for training purposes, in order to minimize infection risk and protect our guests but also their own personal and family health.

Strict application of these policies and practices, we will allow us to operate as safe as possible, offer to our guests a safe and memorable stay and at the end overcome the difficulties and resume a normal and sustainable operation.